Langhe Country House is accessible and usable by customers with specific needs.

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We also have a fully accessible SPA both for people with physical and motor disabilities and with different needs both related to disability (perceptual sense), and to conditions related to age or physical characteristics (children, elderly people, obese people, etc.).

All the interior spaces have been designed by evaluating the size of the space itself in order to ensure easy movement of people considering the footprint of a person who uses the toilet-shower chair that we provide for free.

A shelter area has been provided for the wheelchair inside a space obtained in the service bathroom with door opening of 80 cm.
In any case, the wheelchair can also be left at the entrance given the exclusive use for an hour and a half.

Due to the presence of humidity, a non-slip flooring R11 has been provided both for micro-cement inside the shower and the turkish bath, and for the porcelain stoneware of the bathroom/relaxation area /sauna flooring.

Regarding the exceeding of the threshold equal to 10 cm at the entrance of the wellness path, it was planned to create one of a removable ramp of 6% slope (cm 183 x 72) with a flat space of 150 cm x 150 cm for wheelchair handling near the entrance door.
The entrance door is 1 m wide.

As for the opening of the electronic door will be carried out with a mobile phone system and sms message with reference code after making the reservation on the site.

A linoleum floor signal with relief strips was provided, located 30 cm from the beginning and end of the ramp to indicate the beginning and end.

As for the toilet-shower chair, we have chosen a plastic model (suitable for high temperatures) with folding side armrests in order to allow easy lifting and independently. We opted for a model with self-push wheels so as to guarantee the autonomy of the person who requires its use.

The openings of the sauna doors and the turkish bath are 80 cm while access to the sensory shower is free/open plan and is 220 cm x 210 cm.

Inside the service bathroom there is a handle next to the toilet at ground height of 75 cm and one next to the sink at a maximum height of 75 cm.
On the soap container we have inserted the embossed wording in Braille in Italian and English. The mirror inside the bathroom is at man height.
In the bathroom we provided for the presence of the alarm bell cord with a node / terminal ring up to the floor.
The shower tray "on the floor" has no stands or unloading slopes inside. Inside the shower there is a support point through a plastic chair to be offered to those who request it.
N°2 handles have been placed at the normal shower and the emotional shower to facilitate support.
Relief or Braille labels have been inserted on the hot-cold water dispensers to allow recognition to the touch.
A water-resistant SOS remote rescue device (comparable to IP65 degree of protection) has been provided, which works with a normal GSM/WIFI Micro SIM card connected to the mobile phone of langhe country house employees.
The staff in the structure will always be present who, knowing of the access of the customer with disabilities thanks to the reservation system, will clear the lower bench of the sauna and remove the corian bench of the Turkish bath.
Information material has been created, also printable "in relief", including directional map and tactile visuo information.
For this purpose, digital file (legend map) that can be downloaded at the bottom of this page have been processed.
In the area dedicated to tisaneria and relaxation area, the choice of seats fell on chaise longue without armrests, ergonomic, curved and edgeless, positioned flat.
We have designed the tisaneria counter in order to provide the space necessary for the insertion below the toilet chair or wheelchair of dimensions 245 cm x 62 cm deep, without intermediate legs and with a height of 80 cm.
Relief and Braille wordings have been provided in Italian and English to allow the recognition to the touch of the products offered in the area dedicated to tisaneria (tea, sugar, detox water).
These words will be applied on the counter at the container or directly on the containers.

Pdf download with map and legend