Take your purchase via e-mail ( stating your name and surname, telephone number, the name of the Suite and the number of nights (you can choose one of the cards below, one between 8 January and 27 March 2024 and minimum 2 nights from April to December):
- ACCOMODATION AND BREAKFAST to spend from the month in which it is issued for the entire following year, excluding the months of October, November and December (Suite Il Noccioleto, La Quercia or I Pioppi € 190 per night/room for 2 people.
Suite Il Gelso or Il Vigneto € 220 per night/room for 2 people.
Suite L'Olivo € 240 per night/room for 2 people.
Studio with kitchen "In vino veritas" € 250 per night/room for 2 people.
You could possibly add a bottle of red, white or sparkling wine, fresh flowers in the room, small tray of pastries or a dinner with tasting menu at a restaurant in Neive, or in a restaurant nearby (one star Michelin as well). 
Who will receive your gift must call and book your stay at any opening day.
On request it is possible to receive it at home too, in hard copy, for a small fee for shipping (must be ordered at least 10 days prior to the requested delivery date).

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